Membership Fees

GJJ Singapore Membership Price List

Membership Type Adults Kids
(8-13yrs Old)
(4-7yrs Old)
12 Months Upfront
(Free GJJ SG Gi at signup)
$2200 $2200 $1800
6 Months Upfront
(Free GJJ SG Gi at signup)
$1300 $1300 $1000
3 Months Upfront $700 $700 $500
Monthly $250 $250 $180

**All new signups would have to pay a onetime registration fee of $30.

GJJ Singapore Class Passes

Class Pass Type Everyone
(Adults, Kids, & Tots)
50 Class Pass (Free GJJ SG Gi at signup) $1300
30 Class Pass $900
10 Class Pass $400
1 Class Pass $50

Visitors who are non-residents of Singapore are allowed to train with us for free for a maximum of up to two weeks.
All new Visitors are eligible for a 1-week trial for free before deciding to join us.
NSF and Students are eligible for 20% discount off Adult rates.

GJJ Singapore Private Class Passes

Number of People Price per Person per hour
Individual $100
2 People $70
3 People $60
4-5 People $50

All Private lessons are conducted by Head Instructor, Coach Vladimir Popovic
All rates are based on price per person per hour.

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