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A fun and enjoyable program for kids, which through drills and fun games develops their physical coordination, social skills, problem solving skills, discipline and respect. Children through continued practice learn to control their emotions and apply their rational mind to resolve problems.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu also gives these children the added benefit of helping them deal with physical confrontations in a non-aggressive manner. Unlike most martial arts programs, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu does not teach your child to use damaging and aggressive kicks and punches but teaches them to take control of a situation with their words, and should a situation get physical, to stay safe and control the situation with controlling techniques.

Bullying in school can have long lasting impacts on a child’s life, we help children to discover the confidence to find their voice, to stand up to bullies and communicate.

The games and activities aim to keep it all very fun and enjoyable for kids. Ultimately, the cooperative class environment aims to use these games and drills to help build better members for society.

If you are looking for indoor activities for your kids or want your kids to learn techniques to protect themselves from the bully and turn them into stronger persons, you need to get them admitted to self defence class Singapore.

How taking a self defense class is beneficial for your kids?

Anti bullying self defense must be taught to every kid these days. The self defense classes for kids make them stronger mentally and physically.

It boosts their confidence, helps them in controlling moods, and makes them a calmer person. It prepares them to face the challenges in life. It helps them in learning how to work as a team. Similarly, it makes enhances their coordination, flexibility, and self-discipline.

We offer different self defense classes for kids of different age groups; timings and schedules also vary. The purpose of this is to give attention to each kid to maximize their learning.

Tots Jiu-jitsu is an especially designed program for pre-school kids to engage. The purpose of this is to train your kid with movement skills that will help them in Jiu-jitsu in the future. Apart from learning jiu-jitsu skills, your child also learns how to interact with others, making him confident from this little age. It also teaches your little ones how to respect others.

This program emphasizes teaching your kids how to save themselves from the bully and stand confident without harming anyone. By maintaining the friendly environment, your child is taught the best skills to protect themselves.

Exposing your kids to self defense class will make them socially active, empathetic, and healthy. Most important of all, they will learn how to cope with stress without panicking. All of this gives quality results to both parents and children.

The commitment of our coaches to provide care and skills to your child is admirable. GJJ Singapore aims to do whatever is best for your child.

Self Defense Class Singapore

At GJJ Singapore, a safe and supportive environment is ensured at self defense classes for kids. Our skilled staff makes the self defense class much more exciting, and they play a role in the character development of your child. You will see a clear difference once you enroll your kids in our courses. Don’t miss out on making the right decision today if you want your child to be a strong, independent, and confident person in the future.

Tots Jiu-Jitsu (5-8 years)

Students will be introduced to the principles and techniques of Jiu-Jitsu through fun and interactive games and be introduced to some basic strategies for staying safe on the street and in the playground. This program is designed to prepare children for the Junior Bully/Street Safe Program.

Junior Bully/Street Safe Program (9-13 years old)

This program is designed to teach the students Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in a fun and interactive way while advancing their skills and strategies to stay safe on the street and in the playground. Skills range from advancing their physical skill sets learned in the Tots program, to developing your child’s confidence in themselves. This program aims to help children to find their voice and giving them the skills to handle different forms of bullying and problems in life through Gracie Jiu-Jitsu’s anti-bullying methodology.

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